All the Parish Paths

Nine circular walks that, between them, cover every public path in the parish of Netherbury.

The walks are around 10km (6 miles) in length and can be walked in a relaxed 3-4 hours. They add up to a total 93km (58 miles)

Netherbury is in West Dorset so the routes are “hilly” and often wet underfoot. You’ll need a pair of comfortable and waterproof walking boots, unless it’s high summer, when a good pair of trainers or walking shoes should do.

The descriptions start from a point that’s usually the closest the route comes to Netherbury village. However, being circular walks, you can start at whatever point suits you best.

Available as a .PDF file which can be printed out and includes route descriptions and maps or as a zipped collection of .GPX files which can be loaded into most navigation devices. Just click on the appropriate link below.