Netherbury Parish covers the villages of Netherbury, Salwayash and Melplash and is situated in West Dorset. Each village has its own church and village hall. The three main villages are surrounded by smaller hamlets within the parish which include Atrim, Oxbridge, Waytown, North and South Bowood, Wooth, Silkhay, Mangerton, Whitecross, Filford, Dottery, Hincknowle and Loscombe.

The picturesque village of Netherbury itself is situated one mile south of Beaminster and five miles north of Bridport, just off the A3066. It is a beautiful and secluded village, which straddles the river Brit. Netherbury is very close to the coast and it has a number of interesting and historic places close by as well as being surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Lots of groups meet in the Village Hall where various activities and events take place and a community playing field is close by. There aren’t any shops in the village but there is a local pub, The Hare & Hounds in Waytown.

There is tremendous community spirit in the village and many local groups regularly come together to raise money for local charities, the church and village projects. Netherbury Village Charities were founded in the sixteenth Century and still provide much needed support for our rural community in areas such as Education, Welfare and Village Amenities.

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